I opened my practice 12 years ago. I installed 2 computers and I was wondering what use could I make of them. Then a rep from TopNet contacted me and offered his help. And that's exactly what I got. "HELP"

Now I have several computers, a small server with high speed internet, I am using applications to claim insurance online, I am using digital intra-oral cameras, I have a fully computerized billing system and I have no idea how was I able to live before this wonderful company came in my office.

I know nothing about viruses, spyware, adware, all the technical part is taken care-of by TopNet. I also have my email and website hosted with them. They connect to my computers from their office whenever I have a problem or question and everything is back to normal in no time.

And the price!... It is really worth it.

Pirjo Friedman - Dental Office - Owner