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TopNet Data Solutions is a Toronto based company.
We are specialized in servicing IT for small to medium size companies.

TopNet was started in 1998 from the need of small business to have access to Information Technology without the burden of high wages for IT specialists. During those years we developed our comprehensive and secure solutions. They allow us to monitor, fine tune and troubleshoot our client's computer networks, servers and client workstations.
Our engineers establish secure remote connections to the business desktops using state of the art technology. This allows us to diligently solve any issues without deploying a technician on site, thus keeping the costs down. The client's employee working on the problematic workstation is encouraged to watch the technician solve the problem and may ask questions at any time.
This is what we call on site training.

Our motto: The power lays in simplicity. Complexity is the privilege of time.

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