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TopNet Data Solutions is a Toronto based company.
We are specialized in servicing IT for small to medium size companies.

Who we are

Who we are

TopNet was started in 1998 from the need of small business to have access to Information Technology without the burden of high wages for IT specialists. During those years we developed our comprehensive and secure solutions. They allow us to monitor, fine tune and troubleshoot our client's computer networks, servers and client workstations. We establish secure remote connections to the business desktops using the best technology. This allows us to diligently solve any issues without deploying a technician on site, thus keeping the costs down. The client's employees are encouraged to watch the technician solve the problem and may ask questions at any time. This is what we call on site training.

What we do

TopNet focus is on IT Infrastructure and Database administration and reporting (SQL Server, Access, etc...).

We have excellent ERP(Syteline), Database and System Administration skills and we focus on manufacturing companies.
Specific skills where developed, which allows us to resolve all issues characteristic to the manufacturing industry by creating meaningful reports and building or implementing the right software, the first time.

We organize, analyze and prepare reports to support operations, business decisions and long-term strategic planning.

Services / Expertise

IT Infrastructure

Allow us to manage the IT Infrastructure and ensure the highest levels of availability for the business applications to function fast and without interruption. Service options are customized to include different infrastructure elements and levels of availability required.

Data Manipulation

We are experts in extracting information from various data sources. This is a technology, often called SSIS, which is designed specifically for data extraction and transformation. It allows us to build data flows in a graphical format which shows the various transformations applied to the data as it makes its way from a legacy system into the base SQL Server database being used as the foundation for the resulting database.

Custom Reporting

This service addresses informational needs that packaged software cannot meet because it was not tailored for your business particularities. In many cases extensive Data Integration services are required to implement the new reporting solution. Reports and inquiry screens are designed and built to meet dynamic business needs. The reports can be triggered by a database condition and an email will be sent to you with all the necessary information.

Graphic Interface Design

One of the most difficult, most demanding and probably most underappreciated steps in web or database development is UI design.

At TopNet we are specialists in all aspects of creating custom user friendly interface design by covering all aspects of:

  • Functionality requirements gathering
  • Functionality and data flow analysis
  • User and task analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Implementation and User training

Business-friendly Approach

Most businesses claim to provide great customer service, but in the real world, their customers probably aren"t nearly as satisfied as they think. We will document and train your employees on every task that requires our help.

We are proactive. If we manage your IT infrastructure we will not wait for "things" to happen. We will create reports on your network and hardware infrastructure and will identify, well ahead of time, potential failure points. We will recommend the best line of action and the optimal hardware/software solution giving you plenty of time to approve and allocate the budget.

Efficient Prices

Most organizations believe their Information Technology costs end at the point of purchase. However, research shows that a computer’s base price typically represents less than 40% of its TCO.
This number is much smaller when the company realizes that the hardware purchased is either too expensive for the task or has insufficient resources. This will trigger high technical support, maintenance and labor costs accounting for as much as 80% of the final cost. These aftermarket expenses represent the greatest part of the TCO.
Our expertise can help you find the most cost effective combination of hardware/software for your budget.
You will be amazed how much you can save.

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